As well as adhering to our general business policies and statements, Design It operates a set of core values and principles to the process of doing business. We aim to forge strong business relationships with both clients and suppliers with a foundation of gaining trust with an open and honest service.

Our approach to business

Design It is professional, proactive and passionate about its activities. We offer a high quality service, comprehensive support and excellent value for money. We conduct business affairs on sound, ethical principles making every effort to trade fairly, openly and honestly with clients and suppliers alike.

Whilst we have systems we apply to trading, we believe in working with the client how best suits them or their organisation. Should a client require specific procedures, we are able to adopt and support as required.

We belive in getting to know the client – we listen to what they have to say and get to know the people, personality and the culture of a company, not just its activities, objectives and aspirations.

Design It believes that implementation of this policy promotes a culture of ethical behaviour throughout the company and sets clear standards for employees. It protects our integrity and enhances our reputation by supporting the principles of good corporate governance.

We commit to meet or exceed our statutory obligations on employment, health and safety and the environment. Further information on these subjects can be found in the relevant document.

The environment

Design It acknowledges and recognises that its operations have an impact on the global and local environment. We are committed to the maintenance of an environmental management system to limit the impact, prevent pollution and to continuously improve our environmental performance.

Supporting the local community and UK trade

Whilst we seek to comply with all legislation affecting our operations, we take into account the concerns of the community, local and national, and where possible and when financially viable, we aim to support local businesses and UK companies.

Charitable activity

When financially possible we support charitable organisations with a contribution to our internal production costs. Specifically, we take an active role in a charity and offer unpaid consultation and advice at committee level. We don’t produce greetings cards or self promotion pieces at Christmas and donate the monies saved to a charity or notable cause on an annual basis.

We won’t do that…

Design It will not trade with any organisation practising or supporting:

  • Human Rights oppression
  • The manufacture of equipment used in violation of Human Rights
  • Child labour
  • Racist views or persuasions
  • Animal cruelty

We will evaluate any specific business involving ethical issues not included in our Ethical Policy on invitation.

Policy review

We aim to appraise our Ethical Policy periodically to account for changing and emerging issues and will develop accordingly.

DBA PQQ ready

design business association

Design It has passed the DBA PQQ standard.